What Is couture?

“Fashion is that which makes people feel good.” This popular saying has been around for many decades and is as relevant today as it was back then. Fashion has been a way of expression and individuality in a certain context and at a certain time and place. It can also be defined as the mode of dressing developed by a given society as that thing that is currently fashionable. It is usually associated with women’s fashion but has been present in men’s fashion from times immemorial.


The concept of fashion design dates back to historical times when the art of sewing was discovered. It was used as a method of adornment. Later, fashion became a more refined field and there were different designs for clothing that could be used as fashion. The word couture actually derives from two words that are French: “cute” and “design”. The entire idea of fashion is based on the idea of making something cute or pretty for the human body. It is not only what is pretty or attractive but also suitable for the current fashion trends.

The importance of fashion is seen everywhere in the world. It is even mentioned in the United States Constitution, which refers to the condition “people of the United States should enjoy certain freedoms of speech and expression”. From this very point of view, it can be said that fashion designers and the clothes they design reflect aspects of individual freedom. However, there are some constraints placed on the freedom of people to express themselves especially in terms of what kind of clothing to wear and how they should wear it. It is not simply a matter of expressing what you feel but also having to conform to the prevailing fashion trends.

The process of selecting and designing clothes goes through a series of steps starting from sketching the basic concept of the clothes to the creation of the models. These are then conceptualized in 3D with the help of technology. When the sketches are ready, they are subjected to various tests to check whether the clothes can be made into a reality or not. After the test is passed, the model is designed according to the specifications provided by the client. Once the project is approved, it is time to create the actual clothes.

Fashion designers are required to follow the fashion trends that are prevailing at any particular time. There are certain fashion trends that are applicable in certain regions of the world and are not applicable in others. The designers therefore have to pay special attention while designing clothes that are appropriate to the particular place they are working. If they are able to understand the changing fashion trends, they will be able to design clothing that will suit the market trend.

A major part of the work of fashion designers is to attend fashion shows and attend various fashion shows. In fashion shows, they display their works and present them to the audience. During fashion shows, these designers are able to meet a large number of people and get valuable advice from them. The knowledge and skills gained by the fashion designers at fashion shows form an integral part of their work.