Etymology of the Word “Fashion”


Etymology of the Word “Fashion”

Fashion is a complex form of autonomy and self expression in a certain time and context and in a certain social setting and at a certain time. The word means a style defined by the fashion industry when what is fashionable is what is popular. The definition also shows that it is something you do to make your outfit or clothing look better than others’. This definition has various shades but most of them are influenced by how we see ourselves.

It is very difficult to get exact numbers on the etymology of the word, because the meaning of fashion has been so widely used and the meaning of words like trend, style and dress are often used interchangeably. It is estimated that there are about two to three thousand words relating to fashion, making it one of the biggest vocabulary of all the subjects dealing with the human kind. Etymologizing fashion can be difficult because it is vague and open to interpretation by different people. There are even occasions when the definition of fashion is determined by someone’s political views. For example, when you mention politics, a person may immediately think of either Hollywood celebrities, the politicians, or even hipsters.

In order for you to learn the etymology of fashion you have to know how to use it properly. The basic definition here is to follow the trends, to wear clothes that go with the weather and in general to look good, which of course includes following the fashion. There are various ways by which you can express yourself by dressing up, the first example of this is through what is called the trend, this happens when there are constant changes in the world of fashion, trends may take a long time to develop, but when they do they usually become the talk of the town, because everyone wants to be in the trend.

In order to understand how the etymology of fashionable comes about, you have to look at what the word means. Fashfulness is an archaic version of the present day fashionable. As the term implies, fashfulness is dated and refers to something very old fashioned and out of style. Fashionable therefore refers to the things that are trendy and fashionable. To complicate things more, fashionable can also mean fashionable with a twist, which means that it can be both out and in style. Trendy can also be used as a verb, which means to have gone fashionable, which can show how the fashion is spreading like a virus.

The etymology of fashionable also shows that it started out with the word move, which means to change, or to alter. Fashionable therefore means adapted, which also describes what people are doing these days. The word dress itself means dress, but in its true sense it used to mean proper clothes. When used as a verb, the meaning is that of dress up, which simply means to dress for the occasion. This also explains why some words such as dress up are also used as nouns, making them easier to describe exactly what the action is.

So what has made fashion so widely popular during the last few decades? The first reason is because of the freedom that modern clothing gives its users. It allows people to express themselves without having to follow the social mores or behavior dictated by society, as is often the case with the word fashionable. This is evident in the wide variety of fashions that have appeared in the last century and it has given people a much wider choice of styles to choose from than they would have had in the past.