See Fashion at Its Best


See Fashion at Its Best

Fashion is a field of clothing, shoes, footwear, makeup, accessories, hairstyle and body position and a certain attitude, usually defined by the fashion business as what is trendy at a given time and place. The word itself means a distinct look defined by the fashion business as what is fashionable. In most cases, when something is seen to be fashionable, it has become so because of social, economical, and stylistic factors. This is why, many critics say that the definition of fashion is a lot elastic. One thing is for sure; the term is very vague and what could be considered a trend can also be classed as unpopular or rebellious.

The diversity of fashion practices across cultures and communities, their differences in social and cultural contexts, and their individual characteristics, help explain fashion theories. In the US, the term “fashions” was used to identify ways of dressing according to the prevailing fashion trends, which were then labeled as fads. In Japan, the use of color schemes, patterns, and ornamentation was called “girly,” while formal clothing and the typical Western wear were calling “western.” These color schemes helped describe how members of these two cultures perceived their differences in appearance practices.

High fashion in Japan and China tended to center on more traditional and conservative clothes, while Westerners went for dresses with a more metropolitan look. To cater to the demands of the demanding market, Asian fashion industry constantly introduced and reintroduced new styles and designs. The high fashion industry in Japan and China are characterized by mass production and enormous prices. These factors helped change the face of the fashion industry.

The “westernized” fashion movement in the 20th century, which was epitomized by the likes of Coco Chanel and Louis Vuitton, radically transformed the look of individuals from around the world. “Glam” styles were introduced, which led to the birth of “boyish” and “hip” styles. “Lolita” fashions, inspired by Victorian dressing as well as pin-up girls, gained popularity in the 1920s and became a craze. Today, “Lolita” is known as girl’s wear.

A large number of individuals buy fancy clothes to make a fashion statement. Millions of dollars are spent each year by people of all income levels to accessorize their otherwise ordinary clothes with accessories like shoes, hats, jewelry, handbags, and purses. Women can accessorize their wardrobes with blouses, skirts, dresses, suits, or pants with necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belts, or other accessories. Many high fashion designers also offer ready-to-wear clothes that customers can purchase and have them delivered directly to their door. Online department stores offer a wide variety of clothes from a variety of designers at lower prices than brick and mortar establishments.

Even during slow seasons, the clothing industry produces an incredible amount of clothes. The demand for fashionable clothes is so great that even during wintertime, there are people walking around with stylish clothes on. During the summertime, people tend to dress down more, so that they will remain comfortable during the hot months. As long as there is fashion, there will be an opportunity for individuals to be fashionable, whether they choose to admit that they like it or not. In order to see fashion, you only need to turn your head.