A Quick Overview of Cryptocurrencies


A Quick Overview of Cryptocurrencies

A Cryptocurrency is a currency that combines different traditional elements, such as money and trust, to operate in a completely different manner than how they function in most traditional monetary systems. Cryptocurrency is created by combining different currencies, most notably the US dollar, with each of them differing from each other. In order for a Cryptocurrency to be considered valid, a specific mathematical algorithm is used to ensure that two differing currencies will have an identical long-term value when paired. Since there is no physical money backing up these different currencies, the only thing which prevents Cryptocurrencies from being copied or stolen is the cryptography that is used to prevent such copycat crimes.

Decentralized Cryptocurrencies are based on a model called the “blockchain”. The use of the word “blockchain” in this instance refers to the central database of all transactions that occur between individual parties within the system. Most Cryptocurrency networks will allow users to add their own input to this network, which allows them to vote, create blocks, receive payments, and initiate transactions as necessary. A group of central banks can create a “consortium” of Cryptocurrency networks, or if they wish to take a more hands-on approach, they can create a central database and regulate the activities of all the cooperating Cryptocurrency users.

This brings up the question of how the new cryptocurrency units will be determined. In the past, the system defined by the value of each individual Cryptocurrency by the amount of gold or silver that was involved in the transaction. With the advent of new technologies which allow for new forms of validation, the system may decide that a new Cryptocurrency unit is created by either adding a new supply of money, or by subtracting a previous supply of money. This will likely be done by creating new units which are derived from the most recent transaction that was processed and was successfully validated.

Once the ledger has been established, it can be used for all Cryptocurrency transactions. However, the ledger will not be able to store all of the information that happens during the transaction. When you send a payment to another party, they will have access to all of the details that were sent along the transaction. They will be able to check the ledger to see if the transaction was successful. If the transaction failed, then they will have to go back through the ledger and other transactions in order to make sure that the original destination received the money that was sent.

Another feature of Cryptocurrency systems is what is called proof of stake. Proof of Stake is designed to help people who are interested in investing in digital currencies with a low risk level. When you place your money into a transaction, your money is divided up into a number of equally sized coins. All of the virtual currency holders who happen to be able to extract the coins at a given point in time will receive a portion of the amount of value that was spent, regardless of whether or not the transaction was successful.

The biggest feature of Cryptocurrency systems is the fact that they are considered to be “permission free” rather than centralized. This means that there is no central administrator who decides how your money is invested, how it is spent, or who it allows to spend it. You will never have to worry about being locked in to any one person’s personal money because of an unfortunate divorce, death, or job loss. There is also no third party that is making decisions on your behalf. This makes Cryptocurrency a great investment opportunity for people who are worried about the future of the economy.

New GPU units manufactured by Asus will be mining enabled

The field of cryptocurrencies, at least for the majority of the population, and even for many developers, investors and traders, is primarily a software business. This means that they are interested in digital applications that can be used in connection with a bitcoin, ethereum or other blockchain digital currency network. For all of these individuals, the background hardware that enables the entire network is not considered as important. While we can safely assume that none of them forget that they exist, the interest in miner hardware offered by non-miners is minimal for all networks.

But recently, a huge computer hardware company made an interesting announcement on the subject, suppressing many in the field of digital currency. The company in question if Asus in Taiwan and their new graphics processing units are sold with features that make them very efficient in the process of hash, also known as coin mining.

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Asus Mining series
The news came when the company unveiled its Mining P106 and Mining RX 470 graphics cards. Both are specifically designed to handle the heat and energy of the mining process. Because extraction calculations are extremely intensive, mining equipment, which is usually made up of GPUs, is very robust and needs to focus on their primary task. There is virtually no user interface or any other element of a standard computer, so the rigs are placed online, and here they are responsible for the pieces of code on their network.

However, it is interesting to note that Asus did not designate these graphics cards as an element of future mining equipment. However, people did not have to figure out for a long time, mainly based on the presentation of their products and their specifications, that they were created at the heart of the mining-etreum. The largest network supporting digital currency, bitcoin, has surpassed the level of individual mining.

At its current stage, bitcoin mines use so-called ASICs or application-specific integrated circuits. BTC is widespread and is used for everything in online poker that bitcoin uses for investments. Because of this, the mines used to support the network are huge mining systems that are light years away from all home mining operations.

But now it seems that Asus is offering an interesting offer for anyone who is in a digital currency, but not specifically bitcoin. With the mining potential of ethereum, Asus clearly believes that it is necessary to make a profit by supplying this market.

Ethereum mining
Asus considers graphics cards to be branded, developed for coin mining, so they are able to provide maximum extraction speeds while operating at minimal cost. With this, it is clear that Asus will do anything but call their cards mining items.

The news is that the lack of graphics cards is affecting most regions of the world. Hobby miners have reported that many local stores are running out of these products, while huge online retailers like eBay or Amazon are also running out of stock.

For some, this is all the hallmark of the GPU Rush that took place in 2014. During this period, altcoins such as litecoin and dogecoin began to be mined by an increasing number of individuals, purchasing all available sets of graphics cards. This time, ether seems to be the coin of choice for many new miners.

But all those who choose to enter this province will experience an increasing problem in their new operation. While graphics cards sold by Asus may be more efficient, the difficulty of splitting is constantly increasing, as required by the basic network protocol.

In the case of ethereum, the trend shows a threefold level of difficulty that occurred between the end of April and the end of June this year. In the long run, the same difficulty will continue to grow, and it’s only a matter of time before the network will have to switch to the settings used by BTC miners for a long time.

Investing in Ethereum?
The month of June 2017 was a period when many believed that a so-called reversal would occur in which ethereum would take over bitcoin as a leader when it comes to market foreclosure. In recent days, however, nothing has happened as ETH has started to slip in price.

It is now hovering around $ 250, and signs of a short-term recovery of the network are doubtful at best. One of the main reasons why so many ETHs have been sold is the fact that more ICOs have started withdrawing funds , fueled by investors, hoping to make bigger profits in less time.

But anyone who starts mining the ETH needs to be ready for a long-term investment. If not, they need to have big trading instincts for a steady flow of profits. The same problem does not exist when it comes to long-term ethereum investment, and it does not change with one or even more price declines in global markets.

The latent strength of the network
Despite the decline, many experts have reiterated their view that this digital currency will remain very relevant, but will also result in a major breakthrough in the future. When that happens, they bring great benefits, especially when it comes to the miners who saved their coins.

Flipping may not come in as intense a form as its name suggests – currently smart money says it will happen, but no one can say for sure when. But the consensus is that the value and market position of the ethereum network will increase. Because of this, anyone who has started mining the ETH would do well to keep their coins and wait for the price increase that will undoubtedly occur.

Platypus Slots Review (2021) – Jackpot Lab, Rhino Mania i još mnogo toga!

Platipus is a UK-based game development studio. The company was founded in 2010 and has since produced high-quality slot machines for online gambling.

Currently, Platipus has only slot games in its selection, but during 2020, HTML5 board games should be published according to the Platipus website. Most slot machines are also made with modern HTML5 which allows gaming on all devices.

The random slot number generator for Platipus is licensed and certified by iTechLabs, which is an independent verification company. This means that you can believe that the slot machines and games are fair and that the events in the game are 100% random.

Platipus Jackpot Lab slot.

This is the Jackpot Lab slot from Platipus.

Logotip Platipusa

User slot rating for Platipus:

Contents [show]

Platipus slot game
features Here are some features of the Platipus automatic games.

The slot machine selection contains 42 seats and 5 board games.
Most Platipus games are made with modern HTML5 technology that allows you to play games on all platforms: desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
The language selection consists of 15 languages.
The percentage of RTP (return to player) is low in many Platipus games, as it is often around 95%. Usually good or very good percentages are above 96% or even 97%.
New Slots for Platipus
Here are some of the latest introductions to games on the Platipus slot.

1. Pirate Map (published in December 2020)
The Pirate Map is a 5-reel cartoon machine with a pirate theme. This slot is a brand new slot for Platipus released in February 2020.

Slot for Pirate’s Map of Platypus.

The Pirate’s Map slot brings some cartoon pirate action.

Utor sadrži ove posebne simbole i značajke. Divlji simbol (Gusar) zamjenjuje sve simbole, osim simbola Scatter, Money i Collect. Wild se pojavljuje na kolutima 2, 3, 4 i 5 kao naslagani simbol.

Razbacani simbol (Zastava crne lubanje) pojavljuje se samo na kolutu 2, 3 i 4. Ako dobijete 3 Razbacani simboli bilo gdje na kolutima pokreće značajku Free Spins 8 besplatnih okretaja. Također možete ponovno pokretati besplatne okrete tijekom bonus igre.

Utor za Pirate’s Map od Platipusa.

Ovako možete pokrenuti besplatnu vrtnju bonus igre s tri skatera (crne zastave).

Jedna velika značajka je Prikupite bonus.

If one or more Money Symbols (The Chest) hit anywhere on the reels ia Collect the symbol (Card) on reel 5, you will win all the monetary values ​​of the Money symbols summed. Each coin symbol contains either a cash prize or 1 of 4 different Jackpot prizes.

Slot for Pirate’s Map of Platypus.

The free spins bonus game lasts!

Money symbols vary from 25 to 875 bets per winnings per line. Note that these are in-line bets, not total bets as in many slots. The jackpot sizes are as follows:

Big Jackpot – 25,000 bets per line.
Main Jackpot – 12,500 bets per line.
Minor Jackpot – 2,500 bets per line.
Mini Jackpot – 1,250 bets per line.
The money symbol appears on reels 1, 2, 3 and 4 as a compound symbol. The Collect symbol only appears on reel 5.

Slot for Pirate’s Map of Platypus.

Here is an example of how to start collecting bonuses. You can redeem all money symbols in reels by pressing one Collect symbol in reel 5.

In conclusion, Pirate’s Map is a pretty fun slot game. The graphics are pretty nice, but in the winning effects and animations the other slot providers are a little ahead.

There is music in the background, but the volume is so low you can barely hear it. The sounds consist of just a few sounds with slot machines, sea sounds and a few winning jingles. A good sound in the slots would bring more immersion and a sense of play.

The percentage of RTP (return to player) is very low at only 95%.

So Pirate Map is just another “ok” game with slot machines from Platipus. Personally, I would like more innovative bonus features, slot layouts, or better sounds to advance in the tough slot competition. But if Pirate’s Map looks interesting, take a look!

Published game: February 2020

RTP (return to player): 95.0%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 25

2. Jackpot Lab (released in January 2019)
Jackpot Lab is a brand new Sloti slot machine game that was released in December 2019.

There is a completely standard 5-slot plate with main symbols (bottles) and a pier (crystals). Bottle symbols can appear on 1 – 3 bottles. The Jackpot Lab also features Wild symbols, Scatter symbols that will trigger the Free Spins feature, and Bonus symbols that trigger the Bonus Reel feature with jackpots.

If you get 5 symbols with a 5 x 3 bottle on the same line, it will give you the best payout. You can also combine bottles of the same color with 1 – 3 bottle symbols.

Platipus Jackpot Lab slot.

This is the Jackpot Lab slot from Platipus.

Jackpot Lab features include Wild Symbols (Blue Wizard Symbol) which replaces all symbols except Scatter and Bonus symbols.

Scattered Symbols (Book Symbol) only appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. If you get 3 Scattered Symbols, the Free Spins feature will start.

Platipus Jackpot Lab slot.

Three bulk symbols (Books here) will give you the Free Turns feature.

Free spins include 8 free spins. The free spins feature is similar to the usual game. At least I didn’t notice any differences or notes on the slot information screen. Some special features in the bonus game are the thing you usually want to chase, so this was a bit of a disappointment.

Platipus Jackpot Lab slot.

Here is the Jackpot Lab game.

The Bonus symbol (Purple Magic Vessel Symbol) only appears on reels 2, 3 and 4. If you get 3 bonus symbols anywhere on the reels, the Bonus Reels feature will be launched.

Platipus Jackpot Lab slot.

If you get three bonus symbols (as here), you will get the Bonus Reel feature. Special reel 6 starts spinning and will award you different Jackpots.

The bonus reel feature happens on a special reel 6. The spinner will direct your cash prize from 160 to 720 x bets per line. There are also Jackpots that can be won as the name of the game suggests:

Big Jackpot – 40,000 x bets per line.
Main Jackpot – 10,000 x bets per line.
Small Jackpot – 4,000 x bets per line.
Mini Jackpot – 1,000 x bets per line.
Note that the multipliers are bets per line, not the total bet as in many other slot machines.

Platipus Jackpot Lab slot.

Here you can see how the usual symbols work in the game. You can also combine different symbols 1 – 3 bottles of the same color as here.

In conclusion, Jackpot Lab is quite an average slot game. It works well with animations and gameplay. There are some bonus elements that are nice, but I would like a little more action or innovation in bonus games. The graphics, however, are very fresh and vivid and I actually liked them.

The sounds are a bit mild because there is no music in regular playing. Only the Free Spins feature has some background music, but that’s it.

The percentage of RTP (return to player) is lower with 95.2%.

Jackpot Lab is a slot game in which there is nothing wrong. It just lacks excitement and features and is likely to get lost in a sea of ​​other better slots.

Published game: December 2019

RTP (return to player): 95.2%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines / combinations: 40

Most Popular Platipus Slots
Here are some of the most popular Platipus slots featured.

1. Rhino Mania
Rhino Mania is a 6 reel slot machine with a favorite theme of African wildlife.

There are 4096 paylines. Winning lines are counted if you get adjacent symbols from left to right without gaps of 3 to 6 symbols. So the vertical position in the reels is not important.

Rhino Mania slot for Platipus.

This is a Rhino Mania slot from Platypus.

The wild symbol (Rhino) replaces all symbols except the Scatter symbol. Wilds appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

If you get 3 or more Scatter symbols in any position, that triggers the Bonus Game feature. Here are the different amounts of free spins depending on the scale:

3 scatter symbols – 8 free spins + 2 x total prize.
4 scatter symbols – 15 free spins + 10 x total prize.
5 Scatter symbols – 20 free spins + 50 x total prize.
6 scattered symbols – 50 free spins + 1000 x total prize.
During the Bonus game, Wild Symbols act as a Multiplier Wild Symbols at the same time. The multipliers are x2 or x3. Wins can also be multiplied by many Wilds, and the maximum multiplier is x81.

Rhino Mania slot for Platipus.

This is a free game with free spins with multipliers Wild symbols that do not appear in the regular game. You can also restart free spins with 2 Scatter symbols.

Free spins can be restarted during the Bonus game. In addition to the free spins, in Bonus Game 2 Scattered Symbols will trigger 5 additional free spins.

There is also an Ultimate Bonus feature. If you play with maximum paylines, the Free Spins Bonus game will award you at least 1x wins.

Rhino Mania slot for Platipus.

Here, Rhino Mania and the Wild and Scatter symbols are shown on reels.

Rhino Mania is a well made slot machine game with decent bonus features with a free spins bonus game with additional Wild Multiplier symbols. The graphics are fine, and the soundtrack is also fine with African music.

Compared to other rhino-themed games (there are a lot of them!), Rhino Mania does well, but brings nothing new to the genre.

No, kada se uspoređuju postoci RTP (Return to player), Rhino Mania ne ide dobro sa samo 95,0% (nisko). Ostali Rhino tematski slotovi imat će bolji RTP općenito.

Na primjer Veliki nosorog ili Veliki nosorog iz Pragmatic Play-a imaju bolji RTP od 96,53%, odnosno 96,48%. Moćna Afrika: 4096 načina iz Playsona također ima prilično nizak RTP poput Rhino Manije sa 95,10%.

Sve u svemu Nosorog Mania je definitivno na boljoj strani Platipus slot i vrijedi pokušati.

Objavljena igra: Srpnja 2019

RTP (povratak na player): 95,0%

Varijansa: Nepoznato

Izgled: 6 x 4

Linije za klađenje: 4096

2. Sretna mačka
Sretna mačka je slot igra bazirana na simbolima Lucky Cat, koji su mačji kipovi koji mašu jednom rukom.

Sretne mačke na japanskom se nazivaju Maneki Neko (što znači: mačka koja maše) i vrlo su popularne u kineskoj i japanskoj kulturi. Ovdje možete pronaći više informacija o likovima Lucky Cat ako ste zainteresirani.

No, pogledajmo sada Lucky Cat slot igru.

Daska za utor sastoji se od pravilne rešetke 5 x 3 simbola.

Divlji simbol zamjena za sve simbole, osim skatera i bonusa. Wildovi se pojavljuju samo na kolutima 2 – 5.

Lucky Cat utor za Platipus.

Ovo je Platipus slot igra Lucky Cat.

The Razbacani simbol pomnožit će dobitak ukupnom okladom. Ako dobijete 3, 4 ili 5 razbacanih simbola, the množitelji su 2x, 50x i 200x Ukupne oklade.

In my rather long testing I couldn’t get 3 or more Scatter symbols at all, but I guess 3 or more Scatters will multiply other winnings from the same turn with that multiplier. The text of the Lucky Cat slot information screen was pretty hard to interpret what the multiplier was actually doing. But that is my assumption now.

The Bonus symbols appear on reels in bundles of 2 or 3 symbols. Bonus symbol values ​​can vary between 50 and 250. Any combination with 6 or more bonus symbols will activate the Respin feature.

The Respin feature means that winnings are calculated by summing the rewards listed on each bonus token.

Lucky Cat slot for Platipus.

This is a Respin feature where you have to chase cash prizes and Jackpots from bonus symbols.

At the beginning you will get 3 resins. If at least 1 additional bonus symbol appears on the reels, the Respins will be reset to 3. All bonus symbols are sticky until the end of the bonus.

You will win the Big Jackpot (100,000x bets per line) if all symbol positions are filled with a bonus symbol. Note that the Jackpot multiplier is the bet times per line, not the bet times as usual on slot machines.

Lucky Cat slot for Platipus.

Lucky Cat slot and Scatter and Wild symbols in the game.

In conclusion, Lucky Cat is a very colorful slot machine with fluid gaming. The feel in the vending machines would have benefited from the soundtrack, as there was no background music at all. Also the sounds are pretty basic.

The slot features also lack something. I couldn’t test the Scatter feature at all because I couldn’t catch 3 or more Scatters during the entire test.

The Respin feature happened a few times and it was ok. In my opinion, the features might need a bit more to make the slot more interesting after a while.

The percentage of RTP (return to player) is really low at 95.0%.

Lucky Cat is an ok slot game with very few features. To be honest, it wasn’t my favorite and it got boring after a short time.

Published game: May 2019

RTP (return to player): 95.0%

Variant: Unknown

Appearance: 5 x 3

Betting lines: 20

Highest RTP Platipus Slots
This is the highest percentage of RTP (Back to Player) slots I found from Platipus. In general, the average RTP percentage of Platipus slots is about 95%, which can be considered quite low. Usually other terminal providers have RTPs of about 96% or even more than 97%.

Dakle, ovdje su svi termini s Platipusa, uređeni od visoki RTP do niski RTP. Dodao sam i datume izdavanja i varijacije (ako ih pronađem) kako bih vam olakšao izbor slota.

Jackpot Lab – published in December 2019 – Deviation: unknown – RTP: 95.2%
Great Ocean – published in October 2018 – Variance: unknown – RTP: 95.09%
Fruity Sevens – published in October 2017 – Variance: medium – RTP: 95.09%
Fiery Planet – published in October 2017 – Deviation: medium – RTP: 95.09%
Lucky Money – published in October 2017 – Difference: medium – RTP: 95.09%
Arabian Tales – Published in October 2017 – Difference: High – RTP: 95.03%
Poseidon Power – published in March 2018 – Variation: unknown – RTP: 95.03%
Crystal Sevens – published in May 2018 – Variance: unknown – RTP: 95, 03%
Pharaoh’s Empire – Published in April 2019 – Variety: unknown – RTP: 95.02%
Safari Adventures – published in October 2017 – Difference: high – RTP: 95.02%
Bird Princess – published in October 2017 – Variant: unknown – RTP: 95.02%
Magic Mirror – published in October 2017 – Deviation: medium – RTP: 95.02%
Juicy Spins – published in October 2017 – Difference: high – RTP: 95.02%
Webby Heroes – published in June 2019. – Variant: unknown – RTP: 95.01%
Legend of Atlantis – published in July 2018 – Variance: Low – RTP: 95.01%
Pirate’s Map – published in February 2020 – Variation: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Jade Valley – published in January 2019 – Variance: medium – RTP: 95 , 0%
Lucky Cat – published in May 2019 – Variety: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Rhino Mania – published in July 2019 – Variant: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Aztec coins – published in November 2019 – Variation: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Chinese tigers – published in September 2019 – Variant: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Cinderella – released in April 2018 – Variance: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Jungle Spin – released in October 2017 – Variance: High – RTP: 95.0%
Neon Classic – Published in January 2019 – Variation: unknown – RTP: 95.0%
Crazy Jelly – published in October 2017 – Variance: High – RTP: 95.0%
Bison Trail – published in February 2019 – Variation: unknown – RTP: 94.99 %
Cleo’s Gold – published in October 2017 – difference: medium – RTP: 94.99%
Lucky Dolphin – published in October 2017 – Variance: High – RTP: 94.99%
Mega Drago – published in August 2018 – Variance: Medium – RTP: 94.99%
Book on Egypt – published in October 2017 – Difference: high – RTP: 94.98%
Triple Dragon – released in January 2018 – Variance: High – RTP: 94.98%
Richy Witchy – released in October 2017 – Difference: high – RTP: 95.0%
Magic Wolf – released in October 2017 – Variance: High – RTP: 94.99%
Power of the Gods – published in October 2017 – Variance: medium – RTP: 94.99%
Monkey Journey – published in October 2017 – Variance: medium – RTP: 94 , 99%
Fairy Forest – published in October 2017 – Difference: Low – RTP: 94.99%
Mistress Amazon – published in October 2017 – Difference: high – RTP: 94.98%
Love is – published in October 2017 – Variance: High – RTP: 94.98%
Crocoman – Published in October 2017 – Deviation: High – RTP: 94.98%
Jewel Bang – Published in October 2017 – Deviation: Low – RTP: 94.98%
Aztec Temple – published in May 2017 – Difference: High – RTP: 94.97%
Sakura Wind – published in October 2017 – Variant: unknown – RTP: 94.96%
Recommended bitcoin casinos with slots for Platipus
These Bitcoin casinos offer a Platipus slot of their choice.

CasinoBonusFeaturesGo to website
BitStarz logo Japan Level Up Adventure

2 BTC + 180 free spins The
first deposit bonus is 152% up to 2 BTC + 180 free spins. The total bonus is 6 BTC + 180 free spins. No deposit bonus: 20 free spins. Betting: 40x bonus.

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2 BTC + 100 free spins The
first deposit bonus is 150% up to 2 BTC + 100 free spins. The total bonus is 6 BTC + 100 free spins. No deposit: 50 free spins. Betting: 40x bonus.

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Logotip 7Bit Casina

1.5 BTC + 100 free spins The
first deposit bonus is 157% up to 1.5 BTC + 100 free spins. The total bonus is 5 BTC + 100 free spins. Betting: 40x.

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Bitcoin Penguin logotip

0.2 BTC + 40 free spins The
first deposit bonus is 150% up to 0.2 BTC + 40 free spins. The total bonus is 0.4 BTC + 65 free spins. Betting: 45x.

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558 casino games

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Logotip kasina Oshi

1,25 BTC + 180 besplatnih okretaja
Bonus na prvi depozit je 100% do 1,25 BTC + 180 besplatnih okretaja. Ukupni bonus je 5 BTC + 225 besplatnih okretaja. Klađenje: 40x.

Podržani urezi za Platipus
Ogromna količina igara

2528 casino igara

57 mjesta za jackpot

Osino Casino pregled
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Logotip kasina Mars

1 BTC + 50 besplatnih okretaja
Bonus na prvi depozit je 100% do 1 BTC + 50 besplatnih okretaja. Ukupni bonus je 2 BTC + 50 besplatnih okretaja. Klađenje: 40x.

Podržani urezi za Platipus
741 kockarnica

16 mjesta za jackpot

Pregled Mars Casina
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User Reviews
The following is a summary of Platipus slot machine user ratings:

How do you like Platipus slot games? Please share your thoughts below in the comment form!

Concluding Thoughts
This was our article on the platypus slots. Feel free to send an email, write a message via the contact form or write your comments or suggestions here!

Thanks for reading!

Sources for this article:

Platipus website Slotcatalog.com
for some slot information

Importance of Fashion in Women’s Clothing


Importance of Fashion in Women’s Clothing

Fashion is a mode of autonomy and self- expression in a certain time and setting and at a certain context, and in some specific social context. It usually means a style defined by the fashion industry when what is current is fashionable. The term was used firstly in referring to the art of clothes in ancient times. Later on it came to refer to all the modes of dressing as well as ways of wearing them.

All the styles and types of fashion have their own significance and represent different manifestations of the self. Every day people can observe hundreds of styles of dress. But these styles are not consciously perceived by individuals. They are given the shape of styles that they fit into, without having any reference to the real sense of style that human beings have. Some people for example, while they may be conscious of their gender, do not choose dresses that match with it, or even choose to wear it only when required. In such cases the phenomenon is called costume fashion.

Fashion is affected by culture, time, social class, power, and intention. For instance in ancient times, to be dressed in elite class clothing indicates high status symbol. In the same way, for example to be dressed in peasant’s clothing indicates low social status. Therefore, the fashion must always be influenced by these aspects. This is where fashion designers play an important role.

Their function is not only to design clothes but also to provide information about how they were worn in the past and what are the current trends. With this they can attract customers, thus increasing their sales. As a result of this they pay close attention to the designs, styles, patterns, cuts, colours and textures of clothing of every season and design something new for next season.

Fashion designers are the ones who decide what is new in the fashion world and what should be kept and what should be taken off. Fashion is all about the present trends of society and what people like to wear. Fashion industry has many categories such as casual, formal, semi formal, dress, sportswear, work wear and couture. The categories of fashion continue to change every season. They keep changing because of the changes in style, forms, and trends. The styles of fashion keep on going back and forth like shoes in fashion.

When it comes to women’s fashion, the designers have a very important role. The fashions which we see in the market today are all influenced by today’s trends and designs. And the fashion designers know exactly which fashions are in and what is going out. Therefore, they create the best fashions keeping in mind the trends and styles of today’s clothing market.

What Is the Two Main Types of Stocks?

Stocks are all the stocks in which ownership of a company is divided ownership. In American English, the stocks are collectively referred to as “equity”. Each share of stock constitutes fractional ownership in relation to the overall number of stocks owned. One may purchase stock from any company registered on the Stock Exchange or through a broker. The price of each share is determined by the supply and demand in the market and may also be influenced by the political and economic atmosphere throughout the world.


There are two kinds of stocks – common and preferred. Common stocks are those which are listed on the New York Stock Exchange and have a maximum number of shareholders. Preferred stocks, on the other hand, are not publicly traded but are issued by the issuing company in exchange for an agreed upon amount of cash payments between the investors. Dividends are paid on a quarterly basis to the shareholders of record on the applicable schedule. There are two kinds of dividends – fixed and variable. A company may issue either one or a combination of fixed and variable during an annual period.

The risks involved in investing in the stock market include risks associated with the purchase and sale of stocks, interest rates, dividends and other variables. An investor should understand the various terms and definitions related to the stock market before buying stocks. Some of these terms are also used interchangeably in different countries and industries. Investors should familiarize themselves with these terms as well as their meaning in the United States as well as elsewhere in the world. The Securities and Exchange Commission is a government agency that regulates American investors in the investment industry.

Investors should also familiarize themselves with the terminology and strategies relating to buying and selling stocks on the exchange. The terminology used by investors relating to trading on the exchange includes the terms shorting and longing, as well as counter-trend trading. These terms are usually used in accounting and are important for investors who are new to the market. Foreign exchange professionals and investors need to be proficient in the use of the various terms and concepts that relate to foreign exchange.

Many investors buy shares because they expect to earn profits from them. Others buy shares because they are seeking out particular stocks. Still others buy shares for the purpose of purchasing property or other goods on which they can earn profits, either as a direct result of their investment or as a result of being able to exercise control over the ownership of such property.

There are basically two main types of stocks: common stock and preferred stock. In addition, there are several secondary types of stocks. One kind of secondary stock is called a perk stock, and another kind of secondary stock is called a warrant stock. There are many ways that an investor can purchase shares of stock, depending on their investment goals and preferences.

Slotum Review

Exclusive welcome offer 150% up to € 200 + 100 free spins

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Slotum is another successful launch of Dama NV – one of the most popular online gambling facilities in the world. Dama NV is registered in Curacao and is the license of Slotum.

Founded in 2018, the casino quickly became a huge success among both newcomers and experienced players. In our Slotum brochure, we will identify all the reasons for this, including the clean design of the website, the generous bonuses, the quality of the game selection and the effects of all of this together.


User experience


Don’t you just love it when you open a website and everything looks nice? Among the many attractive features of the Slotum, it makes a great first impression with streamlined navigation.

In addition, the Slotum’s predominantly dark purple design, as opposed to the quirky characters that represent the casino’s much glory at the top of the main page, is quite light on the eyes.

After filtering the Slotum casino games using the All Games, Top, Bonus Purchases, New, Card Games, Live, Jackpot and Random buttons or the search bar, click on Play for Fun for most games. Players from the United States, Israel, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and its overseas territories, the Netherlands, the Dutch West Indies, Slovakia, Lithuania and Curacao can only use demo versions of the games without making actual deposits.

Unfortunately, there is no mobile app for this amazing Bitcoin casino, but that shouldn’t be a big problem for players as the site adapts seamlessly to device changes.




You must deposit at least $ 20 or the equivalent in other supported currencies to receive the Slotum Welcome Bonus. In return, you get 100% matches and 100 free spins, which you get in installments (20 spins per day). However, if you use our link, you will get an even better welcome offer: 150% match, plus 100 free spins! To withdraw the prize, you have to accept the bonus 50 times – a bit steep compared to the industry average of 35.

However, the spectacular offers do not stop here. Your second and third payments will be accompanied by lavish gifts. And if any of your first three deposits are at least $ 1,000, you’re eligible for Slotum promotions for high rollers. These reach $ 3,000.

Overall, Slotum’s customers are well taken care of, especially when we consider the Reload and High Roller bonuses as well as the loyalty program.


Select a game


Slotum offers hundreds of games developed by the most well-known developers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming and SoftSwiss. As the name suggests, the main focus of the casino is slot machines, but you will also find plenty of poker, roulette, blackjack, baccarat and craps options.

The live games section of Slotum can’t be ridiculed either – far from it! If anything, it’s hard to be content with just one.


Security & Safety


The security of your data should always be the number one priority when doing online transactions. Fortunately, as a Slotum client, you will have nothing to worry about.

Slotum Curacao’s license ensures that the casino takes appropriate measures to secure both data and transactions. It uses SSL technology and takes a number of other anti-fraud steps, as noted on the website, so you can be sure that Slotum is meeting the required standards.

The fairness of Slotum online casino games is guaranteed by a random number generator appropriate for the casino industry. In other words, you can only feel good.

If, for any reason, you feel that gambling may be a problem, you can set different gaming limits by going to your account page.


Customer service


If you would like to contact the Slotum customer service team, you can send them an email, fill out the contact form on the website, or use live chat. We recommend live chat as it is available 24 hours a day in English and Russian. On the other hand, we expected to have a few more languages ​​available, seeing that there are English, Russian, Polish, German, Finnish, Italian, Japanese and Norwegian versions on the Slotum website.

While it may take a few minutes to join the MP, it’s worth the wait as they are quite friendly and knowledgeable.


Deposits & Withdrawals


In addition to the impressive things we have already mentioned in our review, we should note the variety of crypt and fiat currencies accepted by Slotum (USD, EUR, NOK, CAD, AUD, RUB, BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DOG, PLN, JPY).

You will come across the same number of choices when it comes to Slotum payment methods. In addition to the standard Visa and Mastercard cards, you can use Neteller, Skrill, ecoPayz, Yandex, Qiwi and many others. And we didn’t even mention the best part – except for transactions through Visa and Mastercard, all processing time is instant.

Finally, the minimum amount you can deposit is $ 10, while the maximum depends on the payment method you choose. The minimum payout is $ 20, the maximum is $ 15,000 per week or $ 30,000 per month.

GoodWin Casino pregled

Welcome to our GoodWin Casino review. GoodWin, launched in 2019, is one of the newer add-ons on the market. Under the management of Goldstory Limited, the site is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao. It has great deals for both new and existing players, as well as a rich selection of games with the titles of some of the best service providers such as MicroGaming, NetEnt and Playson.


User experience


Before we start talking about the website itself, it is worth noting that it is not available to British and American players or those from Australia, France, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The registration process at GoodWin Casino is quick and easy and you don’t have to verify your ID as long as you use one payment method for both deposits and withdrawals.

However, you do not have to register to test the games. Demo recordings are available for free even to visitors, which is a nice touch. You can also search by game name, filter by developer, or choose from new or popular games on the site. The site is very navigable and visually appealing.

As for playing at GoodWin Casino on mobile devices, you can do so through a very well-optimized mobile version of the website that works great on both iOS and Android systems.




In terms of bonuses, GoodWin has something for both new and existing players. New players can choose from just one of the three available welcome promotions, colorfully titled Scarecrow Brain, Lion’s Courage, and Woodman’s Heart (Dorothy would be proud). The first covers deposits of 15 to 49 euros and offers a deposit of 200% and 35 free spins on the Fortunas Fruits slot. You must deposit your winnings 35 times within one week of activating the promotion before you redeem, and the maximum bet amount is EUR 4.

GoodWin Casino’s other bonus offer, Lion’s Courage, offers a 100% matching bonus on deposits over € 100, along with 200 spins of Wild Shark slots. You have to bet money 45 times and score 35 free spins to cash the money. The maximum bet is € 10.

Finally, Woodman’s Heart gives you a 150% matched bonus for deposits between € 50 and € 99, ​​as well as 50 free spins on the Book of Aztec slot. The maximum bet amount here is € 4, and you have one week from activating the promotion to betting on the bonus 40x or spinning 35x before you redeem.

You can get 20 free spins just by confirming your phone number. There are also a number of ongoing GoodWin Casino promotions, such as weekly refunds and player bonuses of the month, as well as personalized and birthday bonuses for long-term players.

There is a loyalty program through GW points, which can be collected by playing in various tournaments, converting certain bonuses and more. They contribute to the type of VIP level, which in turn helps players accumulate points faster. You cannot exchange points directly for cash, but you can use the converted GW money to place special bets that usually have very low betting rates.


Game selection


GoodWin Casino games include a large selection of titles from the world’s most popular service providers such as Amatic BetSoft, Evolution and Habanero. There are more than 2,000 venues, including favorite fans like Wolf Gold, Gonzo’s Quest and African Quest.

In addition to slot machines, you can also play live blackjack, roulette, sic bo, baccarat and poker, and even rake games, jackpots and dice. You can try almost all games without the need to register, so you can choose your favorites before you use real money.


Security & Safety


When you play Tuesdays for GoodWin Casino, you will be glad to know that the website takes great care to protect its user data. From ID verification (which is optional but available) to state-of-the-art game and transaction encryption, you can be sure that your personal information will be private from the moment you register until the moment you withdraw funds. There are also options to set self-imposed deposit limits and take time-outs or permanently disable accounts.


User support


The helpful customer support team is currently available via email, WhatsApp, live chat and by phone. There is also a detailed section on the website with frequently asked questions, where you can get acquainted with everything from the method of deposit and payment to bonuses and current rewards.


Deposits & Withdrawals


Whether you’re making a deposit at GoodWin Casino or trying to cash in your hard-earned earnings, the website supports a variety of credit and debit cards, e-banknotes like Yandex Money and QIWI, EcoPayz, as well as a variety of mobile payments. You can pay in rubles, US dollars or euros, as well as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ether.

The minimum limits for deposit and withdrawal are 5 euros, while the maximum limits for both at once are 1000 euros. Our GoodWin Casino review should also mention that eWallet and crypto process transfers are processed almost instantly, while most other methods take up to 24 hours.

Bitcoin Games Casino Review

Over the past two years, Bitcoin casinos have played a significant role in the growth of the already thriving online casino market. Due to the popularity of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, many online bitcoin casinos have appeared on the internet. Bitcoin Games is a decent casino of this type with its immediate payout and proven correct policy. That’s why we decided to do this Bitcoin Games casino review, listing all its games, features, pros and cons.

The games
Although Bitcoin Games does not have the best graphics, this bitcoin casino still provides a decent gaming experience.

The casino’s gaming components include a total of seven games – video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, keno, slot machines and Bitcoin dice games. These are not game categories, but actual games developed by the site’s creators. Therefore, Bitcoin Games is not actively associated with game developers in the casino industry; instead, they house their own development in-house.

Judging by the overall feel of the games, it is important to be aware that the Bitcoin casino games from bitcoin.com are not designed to provide an immersive graphical experience. In fact, it doesn’t even mimic a real casino. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. The games are a lot of fun, in their own way, and the expected high payoff adds even more to the gaming experience.

At the time of writing, they do not offer Bitcoin betting and do not plan to do so in the future.

The bonuses
Unlike other bitcoin casinos on the market, there are no Bitcoin Games bonuses like the typical first deposit, second deposit or third deposit bonuses. Instead, they have a jackpot system. Anyone who reaches the jackpot is required to achieve a higher return than they would receive through the first deposit and second deposit bonuses. Whether this is a good move or not depends solely on the personal opinion of each player.

Deposits and withdrawals
As the name games.bitcoin.com suggests, Bitcoin is the primary payment method for deposits and withdrawals. However, players can deposit in most of the other digital currencies on the market through the ShapeShift.io platform. Aragon, Basic Attention Token, Bitcoin Cash, BitShares, Dash, Dogecoin, EOS, Ether, Ether Classic, Game Credits, Litecoin, Iconomi, Match Pool, LBRY are just some of the digital currencies accepted by Bitcoin Casino Games.

Deposits paid through Bitcoin will be credited to users ’accounts within seconds, so they can start playing right from the moment they deposit, without having to wait for confirmation. However, for withdrawal, all deposits must be fully reinforced on the block chain network, which can take about 10-20 minutes. Keep in mind that larger amounts may require manual approval, but this is rare.

Country Restrictions
As with many other online casinos, due to online gambling laws, players in some countries will not be able to play the games offered by bitcoin casinos. Bitcoin Games is not available to residents and citizens of Iran, the United States, North Korea and Syria.

Customer service
A reliable customer service team that can handle all the questions and requests of players is needed to ensure a reliable online gambling experience. Bitcoin Games Casino customer service can be accessed via an easily accessible contact form throughout the website and users will receive feedback via email. Unfortunately, there is currently no live chat or phone support.

Demonstrably correct
When playing Bitcoin video poker at Bitcoin Games, through a demonstrably fair protocol, users can easily verify that their reels are authentic or that they are engaging in illegal practices at the casino. Not only are players dealt a random deck of cards for each game, but the casino can also prove that they had no effect on the actual shuffle, through the core and hash. After the game is over, players can manually verify the authenticity of their throws if all the information is available to both the player and the game server.

Mobile support
While some of the games can be played in a mobile internet browser, the experience will not be great. Luckily for gamers, the people behind Bitcoin Games Casino have done their best to create the Bitcoin Games Android app that supports video games, which is the most popular game the casino has to offer. This is very convenient for anyone interested in bitcoin gambling on the go, and the download link for the app can be found at Bitcoin Games.

Based on what has been outlined so far, regardless of the drawbacks mentioned in the Bitcoin Games casino review, this bitcoin casino is the right choice for anyone who likes any of the seven games available on the site.

Konung Casino Review Contents [show]

Lots of amazing bonuses
Huge game version
Wonderful customer service
Low minimum deposit
Huge jackpots
The UI / UX can convert
Occasional errors
Lots of amazing bonuses
Huge game version
Wonderful customer service
Low minimum deposit
Huge jackpots
The UI / UX can convert
Occasional errors
Visit the site

Launched in 2017, the casino features all the hallmarks of an experienced and well-designed online casino, with an impressive gaming library and plenty of bonuses. However, things may not work flawlessly, so we will do a Konung casino review.

Join us for a detailed analysis of Konung Casino’s games, security, bonuses and payment options and see if it’s worth it.

Registration process
We begin this Konung Casino overview by analyzing the registration process. You’ll be pleased to hear that registration is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve accessed their site, you need to follow a simple 4-step procedure:

Click the visible registration button at the top of the screen
Redirects to a page where you need to enter your email address, password, nickname, and desired currency
Go to your email address and activate your account
Start gambling!
Konung Casino Review

User interface
From the beginning, we were greeted by Konung’s bearded mascot. Konung Casino’s design is cartoonish, and it’s clear that it’s for a wider audience of casual gamers. Your account information and balance will appear on a large header, right next to the huge deposit button and a live news feed that announces the latest winners.

On the left side of the page is a neat pop-up menu from which you can access all relevant site subdirectories. Once you have entered the games section, you will sort them into different categories. There’s also a search button in case you know your favorite games from the start.

However, we learned, and several casino reviews from Konung confirmed that certain games can only be played in one currency. Also, there is no way to find out this for each game, what happens then? Well, if you enter a game in the required currency without money, your site will crash or you will not be able to return to the previous stage.

Variety of games
Don’t be fooled by the simple design and the fact that it hasn’t been present on site for a long time – this casino has a huge gaming pool. The slots section alone features more than 1,500 slot machines with a number of jackpot options, and Konung Casino has been offering free spins from the start if you want to try a few.

As expected, the slots section includes all the classic as well as dozens of licensed franchise games. You can also browse games by manufacturer. What’s more, if you want to try your luck with a few card games, you can choose from 90 of them.

Konung Casino Review

Unfortunately, most of them are endless versions of Blackjack: European, Premiere, Single Hand, etc. On the other hand, there are only a few poker games. Finally, there’s a “Live Games” section, which again mostly consists of Blackjack and a couple of Roulette and Baccarat games.

Can you try some of their games?
This gambling operator wants you to feel the same way at home. You’ll be pleased to hear that you don’t need a Konung Casino promo code to try out their games. However, you can only play demo versions of slot machines and some card games, while live games are reserved for players who want to make money.

Speed ​​and loading the game window
Konung has an average load time of about 15 seconds. In addition, if you have a fast internet connection, all games will work flawlessly. As for the size of the window, there is a full screen option that only extends the game window to 830 x 380. Keep in mind that not all games are available for Bitcoin platformers. So if you keep snatching the game, it’s most likely due to playing with the BTC.

Software developers
As expected for a casino with such a rich selection of games, their software is made by a number of reliable and well-known game vendors such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, NextGen Gaming, iSoftBet, BGAMING, Ezugi and Amatic Industries. and that’s only half of them. All software on site was created by Itech Labs, an Australian industry veteran in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025, which is why we only need to give Konung Casino a bonus point.

Can they prove they are fair?
After reviewing whether there are guidelines for verifiably fair determination of games, we found nothing but assurance on the FAQ page that all games have an industry standard RNG (random number generator). When contacting customer service, we are also assured that everything is in order without providing any actual evidence, which in our Konung Casino review is not sufficient for a successful classification.

Mobile friendship and sensitivity
When you first visit their website, everything looks smooth. The layout is intuitive and the pages respond quickly. However, when you enter a game, it will often have a corrupted resolution. Plus, even half of the game screen is missing. The tablet and desktop versions run fine, so it’s clear that Konung has a lot of work to do with the mobile gaming experience. To find out what a suitable mobile companion should look like, check out our DasIst casino review.

Currencies, banking methods and limits
This casino accepts son and a wide variety of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, fiat currency players will be able to use the euro, the US dollar, the Swedish krona and the Norwegian krone. On the other hand, cryptographic players have at their disposal Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Dogecoin. In terms of payment methods, fiat players will use Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Paysafe, Sofort, Neteller, Skrill and Zimpler. And the other group can simply deposit directly into Konung’s cryptographic wallet.

The fact that the minimum deposit limit is only 0.0003 BTC is praised by many Konung casino reviews. The deposit time is fairly fast – it takes 10 minutes for the deposit to become available. We can’t say it’s one of the best Bitcoin casinos, but it’s a pretty good solution if you’re looking for a modern casino with a reasonable number of deposit and withdrawal options. The minimum withdrawal is 0.001 BTC.

When it comes to withdrawals, everything is pretty much the same except for Sofort and Zimpler. The minimum payout amount is again € 20 or 0.001 BTC. The downside is that it can take 24 hours for e-wallets and can take up to 3 days for electronic transfers. But as you can imagine, it takes no more than 30 minutes to pay the cryptocurrency.

Bonuses and promotions
As mentioned earlier, you do not need any Konung Casino bonus code to enjoy all the benefits of your rich bonus program. Make your first deposit and you’re ready to go. Each week you can receive a 30% bonus on Monday for deposits up to € 100 and a 50% bonus on Friday for deposits up to € 50. This can come in handy if you want to gain momentum early in the week or need a little help at the end.

For those who believe that Konung Casino does not offer a deposit bonus, we need to prove that we were wrong. From the start, you will receive a 100% first deposit bonus match up to € 300. In addition, an additional 50 free spins will be donated to the slot machines. The second deposit is 70% linked to deposits up to € 100, with an additional 30 free spins. And when you think it’s over, there’s a third deposit bonus, with a 60% match up to deposits of up to € 100, as well as an additional 35 free spins.

There are no leveling systems
If you want to become competitive, you will be sad to hear that there are no leveling systems or points at Konung Casino and there are no plans to introduce this feature in the future.

Supported languages, restrictions and licenses
The Konung website is available in six languages: German, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish and of course English. As for the restrictions, everyone can play except those from Spain, Romania, Israel, France, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, some games, such as those manufactured by NetEnt, are specially licensed, so an additional question is recommended on the FAQ page.

In terms of licensing and background, Konung is owned by a Cypriot Direx NV. This gambling operator is registered under the laws of Curacao under registration number 131879 and has its registered address: Heelsumstraat 51 E-Commerce Park, Curaçao ..

Security and customer service
Security is another obscure point we would like to emphasize in the review of Konung Casino. While we are confident that the company uses the latest and most up-to-date privacy systems, it has never been explained what they are. If you’re personally concerned about the privacy of your account, you can set up 2-factor authentication for added security.

At the end of our Konung Casino review, we would like to praise the wonderful customer service of the site. Although there are only two ways to reach them, mainly a contact form and live chat, they are quick to respond and knowledgeable, so the usual problem will be resolved within minutes.

Bitcoin Bingo Guide Contents [show]

The best Bitcoin Bingo sites
Top rated

# 1
Bovada logo 125% Bonus do 3750 USD 125% Bonus do 3750 USD

Reputable gaming

# 2
Logotip Black Chip Pokera 200% Bonus do 1000 USD 200% Bonus do 1000 USD

Generous bonuses

# 3
BetOnline logotip 100% crypto bonus 100% crypto bonus

4 crypto accepted

How to Play Bingo |
Bitcoin bingo is one of the easiest online real money casino games you can play. Start by registering at a Bitcoin bingo site and depositing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin. You will then go to the bingo rooms to find your game. There are three common games you will find. Most bingo sites offer bingo with 75 balls, 80 balls and 90 balls. The primary difference in these games is the number of balls available. Turbo-style bing games with 30, 36 and 40 balls will be offered in some places.

Most bingo games require you to make a payline of 5 numbers in a row. Some games may require you to create a specific pattern, such as H. Rules on how to win each game will be listed in the room.

To buy a ticket, go to the room you want to play. You can choose how many cards you want to buy and how much you want to pay for each card. Some sites will offer a single fixed price, while others will offer cards at different prices. Once you have selected the number of cards you want to play, you will wait until the draw begins.

When the draw begins, the numbers will be called individually. If the dialed numbers match one on your card, you will mark it. This continues until you or another player does bingo. If you do bingo, click the “Bingo” button on your tab to claim the prize.

How much does it cost to play Bing?
When playing bitcoin bingo games, two costs should be considered. The first is the minimum deposit. Bitcoin online bingo sites have a minimum deposit that you must meet to play on that site. In general, this is about.001 BTC. Once you deposit that amount, how much you pay will depend on the game of bingo.

In some cases, you can only pay a few satoshi for a bingo card. On some sites, you will be able to play Bitcoin bingo for dollar coins compared to most online casinos. Of course, if you want to play for more, you can. The amount you spend is limited only by your funds and the maximum set in the casino software.

How to find the best place to play bitcoin bingo?
When looking for the best place for Bitcoin bingo, you need to have a clear set of criteria. This will help you find quality Bitcoin bingo sites. Here are some of the most common factors to keep in mind when choosing the best Bitcoin online gambling sites.

• Intuitive website – The user interface of a particular bingo site can either create or break the interest of any bingo player. This is because the look and feel of a website can significantly affect a player’s perception of a bingo site. You want a website with user-friendly design and software from leading service providers like Microgaming, BetSoft and others.

• Bonuses offered – Your chosen bingo site should provide you with a decent list of bonuses, free spins and other promotional offers. That way you will be able to start playing with more money and you will never miss opportunities to expand your bankruptcy. They should not only offer a deposit bonus but also more ongoing promotions.

• Support Services – A polite and highly informed team of representatives is essential on any Bitcoin bingo site. Agents should speak English and be able to answer your questions quickly. Live chat support is the absolute minimum for support.

• Winnings – See the prizes available on the website. For Bitcoin bingo websites you should get an idea of ​​how much most games pay for and what progressive jackpots are available. This way you can have an idea of ​​how much you can earn.

There are Bitcoin bingo sites all over the Internet. As such. Bingo players must carefully examine online casinos before they decide to join. Be sure to check the online casino or bingo site to avoid being a victim of fraud. The best way to do this is to check the licensing status of the site. Legitimate websites will be licensed by the main network regulator. If the site is not licensed, do not play there.

How to Play Bingo with Cryptocurrencies |
So you want to play bingo with Bitcoins. We can’t blame you because real money gambling is a great way to grow your Bitcoin. If you don’t already own a Bitcoin, read our guides on how to buy Bitcoin. It will go on everything from setting up a Bitcoin wallet to buying on the Bitcoin exchange.

Once you have a few Bitcoins to play bingo, go log in to your favorite casino that accepts Bitcoin. After signing up for an account, go to the Cashier page and click on deposit. From there, you will choose Bitcoin or Altcoin of your choice. You will then get the address to which you will send your cryptocurrency. Use this address to send you a crypto from your Bitcoin wallet. Keep in mind that Bitcoin transactions require certificates, and each Bingo room differs in the number of certificates they need. Once your transaction has cleared the required number of certificates, then you can start playing bingo to win Bitcoin.

When you are ready to pay, go back to the checkout and click Payout. You will then enter the amount of Bitcoin you want to redeem along with the address to receive your Bitcoin wallet. After that you will receive bitcoin within 24 hours. Some sites will send you Bitcoin in a few minutes.