Learning About Haute Couture Fashion

Fashion is basically a mode of individuality and self expression in a certain cultural milieu and at a certain time and context, of attire, footwear, jewelry, cosmetics, hairstyle, and overall body posture. The word, fashion, suggests a style defined by the fashion market as what is fashionable at the moment. A defining aspect of fashion is the attempt to categorize various aspects of fashion as fashionable, trendy or popular. As such, different types of fashion styles are constantly being developed and innovated.


Generally speaking, fashion can be divided into the categories of visible, non-visible or hybrid. For instance, clothes can be either wearable (which implies that they are intended to be worn and not simply looked at) or non-wearing (which suggests that they aren’t designed for being looked at). Clothing meant for more casual wear is called casual clothing or juvenile clothing, while clothes meant for more formal wear are called evening wear or evening gowns. And finally, clothes meant for a sports event or activity are called athletic wear.

One major influence of fashion design is economy fashion. Economy fashion generally refers to apparel that is more functional than fashionable. This type of clothing can either reflect or exaggerate the utilitarian qualities of everyday life. For example, a simple blouse, long sleeved top and jeans would be considered economy fashion, even if these items are not necessarily considered necessary items.

Second fashion is also a kind of fashion where the emphasis is more on function than appearance. Some examples of this kind of clothing are jackets with both long and short sleeves, dress pants that fit well, t-shirts, casual shirts, and casual shoes. These items do not necessarily require the wearer to have high heels or other “flattering” footwear. These items can still have modern designs, but they are often not made to be “stand out” in the crowd. This type of clothing is often seen on younger people who want to look stylish, without being considered over-the-top. This is close to the definition of cool as it applies to younger generations.

Then there is high street fashion or ready-to-wear fashion. High street fashion usually defines styles that are more wearable, practical, and comfortable. It includes items like jeans, skirts, dresses, work wear, and formal wear. Due to the focus of this type of fashion on the practical aspects of clothing, it is slightly more expensive than economy fashion, but it is much more accessible to consumers.

Haute couture fashion is cutting edge and experimental. Haute couture clothing is exclusive and is generally worn only by a select few designers. The quality of Haute couture clothing and the price tag sometimes make it impractical for mass production. This type of fashion has become very popular with the elite of society, celebrities, and other celebrities. Celebrities like Madonna, Ydo et coucheuse are very well known with their love of Haute couture. If you are interested in fashion and in showing your own sense of fashion, then you might consider becoming a celebrity and adorn the celebrities of your choice.