Haute Couture Fashion Shows – New Trends


Haute Couture Fashion Shows – New Trends

Fashion is any form of autonomy and self-expression in a certain cultural context and at a given time and environment, of clothes, shoes, fashion, life, makeup, hairstyles, and even body posture. The word “fashion” suggests a trendy looking appearance defined by the fashion industry at what is considered to be current fashion. This trend may be for one season or may be for many seasons yet it’s always the same – whatever is in vogue is fashionable. Some of the key players are the designers, the manufacturers, the retailers and the fashion consultants.

The fashion industry is not limited to designing clothes, jewelry, underwear, bedding and others. They also design special dresses for weddings, funerals and corporate events. Fashion can refer to these but fashion must include all the elements like the accessories, the footwear, the hairstyles, the makeup and the personal adornment too. Fashion, like any other human domain, can become a source of great stress and pressure due to the hectic schedules and the competing demands of the various collaterals. But it should not be taken so seriously – fashion is the expression of one’s individuality and one’s individualism matters the most in any situation.

There are several trends in fashion, but the popular and current styles are discussed below. The traditional and classic styles are graceful, elegant, tasteful, timeless and traditional. These styles are still fashionable even though there is an increase in the numbers of young designers who are creating fresh and unique fashion statements in this direction.

For the nineteenth century there were many different styles of dresses, capes, corsets and bustiers that were worn to project the bodice and satin skirt of the wearer. The classic styles are characterized by lacing and bows on the bodice and flowing or plain sleeves. The modern styles are characterized by high waisted pants, skirts, halter tops and sometimes even boots. The fashion for women has moved from the traditional to the modern as they have found new creative ways to wear clothes and make a fashion statement. The traditional styles are still available but in the form of trendy and fashionable clothes.

The haute couture style of clothes was developed in France during the late nineteenth century. This school of design is characterized by geometric designs, over-sized clothes, stiff fabrics and hard edges. The main feature is to draw attention to the body by putting emphasis on shapes and textures instead of colors and patterns. Although high fashion industry is dominated by women, men can also make a fashion statement by wearing special designs like those of the women.

In recent years, there have been some changes in the traditional clothing and many people have opted for new, trendy and designer clothes. The haute couture fashion shows offer many opportunities for fashion lovers to buy the latest clothes. These include tailored suits, sportswear, evening dresses, skirts, dresses and casual wear.